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Suzana (a persian word and it means sewn witn a needle and an awl) is an item of art and it is made by sewing different patterns with coloured threads on cloth. Different patterns are embroidered on various types of materials such as silk and velvet and also on plain materials in different sewing styles. The colour of the cloth has a significant value in embroidery as a background of patterns in creating suzana.the area of patterns constitutes a square which has an image of a flower in a circle with margins which continues repeatedly and the decorations are similar to plants and flowers.
The delicate features and beauty of suzanas are seen through the skills and taste of tailors. Each suzana is sewn by 5 or more embroiders within 3,4,5 months. Then it is hung on the wall to decorate the room. (In some regions it is used to cover up the newly married couple's bed). Suzanas are special for being handmade. Suzana was widely used in the territory of Uzbekistan and Tadjikistan in the past. (In the 15th century ). Suzanas made in Nurata, Samarkand, Buchara, Shahrisabs and other regions have distinctive features and in different colours and are exhibited in museums and catalogues of the republic and abroad. In 1920s the basic characteristics of suzanas were emerged. By the end of the 20th century the embroidery had widely been developed, fabric for suzanas and threads for embroidery have been produced. There has been a great influence of handicraftswoman Fayziyeva Shahodat from Nurata. She has been creating mixed variety of beautiful, attractive, colurful suzanas and they have been displayed in the USA, Italy, France and other countries and kept in museums and catalogues. She has been working with her son Sherali Islomov for creating suzanas and threads for embroidery.
Dear customers! We invite you  to our online shops to see different attractive suzanas. We prepare high quality suzanas suitable for your taste as quickly as possible. We will be absolutely delighted to help you decorate your house with suzanas in various colours and designs. You are welcome to our online shop.